About Us

                                                                                                                                                        Let us do all the work while you get all the credit.

  Tamarra Phillips and Nikkie Nicholson
  Let us do all the work while you get all the credit.

Over 25 years ago my sister and I starting out helping friends and family with their romantic endeavors. If a special occasion needed a finishing touch we jumped right in and helped create the most romantic moods. We decorated while wives or girlfriends got dressed as to save them time. We catered and created magical and romantic dinners just in time for the happy couples to enjoy a night alone. We gave tips to friends that wanted to do something special for their significant other. We even helped each other during our own romantic occasions.

During this journey we learned that many people found it hard to produce romance effectively on their own. Whether it made them nervous or stressed or came hard because of a busy schedule the need was still there. Romantic sparks were created by some of the little things we did as favors over the years and are now some couples favorite memories that are still being treasured to this day.

After seeing the difference it made to an occasion by adding details such as ambience, we realized the benefits of romance. Twenty five years later our passion to help turned into a mission that developed into The Romance Project. With The Romance Project, experience exciting Scavenger Hunts, evening picnics under the stars, serenades, an array of his and her custom made baskets, magically decorated rooms with candle lights and chocolate covered strawberries. You can enjoy massage therapy, helicopter rides, fun tips and much more. We will tailor make your evening just for you.

The Romance Project